3 Backyard Things You Gotta Do for Fun (and Profit!)

#1 Build a Fire Pit for Super Cheap

You’ll be roasting s’mores in no time with this quick and easy-to-build fire pit created by Annie at “Stowed Stuff.” Even better, you can justify the cost. That’s because a fire pit will almost always recoup most of its cost when you sell. Here’s what the “Remodeling Impact Report” from the National Association of REALTORS® says:

Fire Pit

Median Cost       Recoup in $       Recoup in %

$4,500               $3,500                      78%

That $4,500 cost is to professionally install a fire pit with a gas burner, so imagine how much you’d save if you DIY-ed it and opted for a traditional fire instead of gas-driven? Cha-ching!

Just know that fire pits, like barbecue grills, can be very dangerous, so follow Annie’s lead and don’t build close to your house or trees

The basic steps:

  • Use a kiddie pool as a stand-in to scope out the perfect spot.
  • Dig a shallow circle, removing any turf.
  • Layer it with gravel. 
  • Cover it with sand. 
  • Layer large stones on the perimeter, staggering the joints to create the fire pit’s wall.

See her step-by-step tutorial.

Also, Annie says: Don’t use river rocks. Wet rocks can contain pockets of water. When heated, the water turns to steam causing the rocks to expand and — just possibly — explode (yikes!).


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